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    Have you ever gotten into your vehicle turned the key and nothing happened? How about showing up late to work or school because your vehicle has broke down ? That tow truck takes forever!!

 Its happened to us all. We can help avoid that added stress to a already hectic life.

   At Doyles Automotive we provide quality maintenance and repairs. Every vehicle that comes into our facility receives a complete digital vehicle health report. This report is then texted to you, with photos, videos and information. Our ASE certified technicians can spot and document any future repairs or issues the vehicle may have.

  Any repairs your vehicle may need are performed with our customers best interest at heart. We want to be able to save you money while ensuring your vehicle and family are safe. All while backing our repairs with a unheard of 2year/24,000 mile warranty.

  Have faith in your vehicle every time you get behind the wheel. Life can be stressful, take your vehicles maintenance and repair out of the equation.

We handle all automotive repairs including










auto repair new milford nj

                        "Providing peace of mind, one vehicle at a time"

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